Caterham Group’s prototype two-wheelers shatter the mould

  • Caterham Group's Carbon E-Bike
  • Caterham Group's Classic E-Bike
  • Caterham Group's Brutus 750
Date:28 January 2014 Tags:, , , , ,

Britain’s Caterham Group, best known for those low-slung two-seaters that seem to corner with scant respect for natural laws, has launched a new motorcycle division at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, showcasing three eye-catching prototypes – the Brutus 750 (dubbed the “SUV of motorcycles”), the Classic E-Bike (an all-electric machine with retro styling) and the Carbon E-Bike (a premium electric bike inspired by F1 technology).

Production of the three Caterham bikes – all said to be “affordably priced” – will begin soon, kicking off with the Brutus 750. This rugged two-wheeler can operate as a street bike, an off-road machine or even a snowmobile (apparently the conversion requires less than four hours).

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