Replacing hatchback struts

  • Work safe(ish). Pictures by Nick Ferrari
  • Out with the old. Pictures by Nick Ferrari
  • In with the new. Pictures by Nick Ferrari
Date:25 July 2012 Tags:,

1 Work safe(ish)
Prop open the hatch with a stick or pipe. You know, the one that’s held it up for months.

2 Out with the old
Use pliers or a screwdriver to extract the retaining clips on both ends of the spring piston. With the screwdriver, pry out the pins on both ends and remove the piston. Swap any old hardware over to the new piston, and grease the pins for quiet operation.

3 In with the new
Place one end of the piston in the bottom mount and insert one of the pins you saved. Raise the other end into position, and push the upper retaining pin in. Then install both retaining clips. Repeat on the opposite side if necessary. Toss the old stick; you don’t need it anymore.

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