• RYNO electric-powered one-wheeled machine

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    Despite its hi-tech appearance, we understand the RYNO was designed to accomplish a simple mission: make motorised personal transportation accessible, enjoyable and practical. In essence, you’re looking at a one-wheeled, electric-powered, self-balancing machine that can take you places (attracting lots of attention as you go) at the breathtaking speed of 16 km/h – that is, if you’re in a hurry. Frankly, we’d be more inclined to travel at the pace of a gentle stroll while enjoying the coolest and most weirdly enjoyable ride imaginable.

    The RYNO uses advanced motion-sensor technology to detect the subtlest input from its rider, and reacts by going forwards, backwards or stopping (if you’ve ridden a Segway, you’ll understand). Its redundant electric motors and dual slide-out battery system are contained within the wheel itself, making for a low centre of gravity and amazing manoeuvrability. Apparently the RYNO’s creation was inspired by the daughter of company founder Chris Hoffman; she had seen a one-wheeled bike in a video game and wanted to know if it was possible to build one. Short answer: yep. Watch the story behind how RYNO CEO Chris Hoffmann reinvented the wheel…

    Just the basics
    Range: 16 km
    Maximum speed: 16 km/h
    Recharge time: 6 hours
    Tyre diameter: 63 cm
    Weight (without batteries): 73 kg
    Maximum hill incline: 20 degrees
    Maximum load: 118 kg
    Retail cost: R55 000
    Option: Lithium-ion batteries


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