• Segway-Ninebot introduce their first electric dirt bikes

    Date:6 November 2019 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , ,

    Segways-Ninebot have long been viewed as nothing more than silly two-wheeled machines that security guards use to patrol a shopping centre or shuttle tourists around a busy airport. The company is now trying to change how the world views their brand by introducing two new dirt e-bikes, the X160 and X260 which are aimed at a younger and more adventurous crowd.

    The X160 is the smaller model of the two and has an emphasis on agility more than power output. It’s 3 KW peak motor gives the e-bike a range of 64 kilometers on a full charge and can reach top speed of 49km/h. These numbers might not sound all that interesting on their own, but when paired with the fact that the X160 has smaller 17-inch wheels and a compact frame design, it turns into the perfect bike for maneuvering around winding mountain trails.

    The X260 is larger and considerably more powerful than the X160. It features a 5KW peak motor that gives the bike a range of around 119 kilometers and a top speed of 75km/h when fully charged. However, the larger 19-inch wheels and slightly bigger frame makes the X260 more at home on the open road instead of barreling down a mountain trail.

    “We are trying to continue developing cool products, futuristic products, in order to expand our portfolio to appeal to outdoor adventurers in addition to city dwellers. We want to keep expanding our existing customer base and give them more options,” Segway-Ninebot’s marketing director Julie Tang explained to Electrek.

    For those wanting to get their hands on Segway’s latest e-bikes, the company will be launching an Indiegogo campaign starting 25 November 2019 with the bikes expected to launch in the first quarter of 2020. The X160 will sell for R44,330 and the X260 will sell for R66,500.

    Image: Segway Indiegogo campaign

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