Sony & Yamaha join forces to create the SC-1 Sociable cart

Date:24 October 2019 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , , , , ,

Sony and Yamaha have teamed up to create their take on the future of entertainment. Known as the SC-1 Sociable Cart, the all-electric vehicle features two massive screens both in and outside of the cart to provide a surreal experience for passengers and pedestrians alike.

The SC1- Social Cart will initially be in Japan’s Kanucha Bay resort and the Botanical gardens in Okinawa City for a trial period before moving onto the rest of the world. The carts will be used for entertainment purposes, unlike the similarly designed Toyota e-Palette, which will be used to transport athletes to and from events during the 2020 Olympics.

The outside body of the cart will host a 55-inch, 4K LCD monitor, which will display a variety of adverts. Sony and Yamaha have hinted at the possibility of using AI technology to optimize the advertisements for pedestrians outside the cart based on factors like age and gender. However, this feature is still in it’s development stages. For now, the cart will display generic advertisement on the exterior screens.

The interior of the cart will feature a smaller, 49-inch 4K LCD monitor which will play a video of the exterior environment around the car, essentially acting as a window to the outside world. The second function of the interior screen is where the cart truly comes into it’s own. Up to five passengers can be treated to an immersive augmented reality ‘Moonlight cruise’ which will display a digital night-time scenery with supernatural starry skies. A ‘Night Aquarium’ augmented reality is set to make it’s debut sometime in the near future.

SC-1 Sociable Cart is an electric vehicle that utilizes autonomous capabilities like lidar technology to navigate. In certain situations, the cart can use it’s autonomous features to be remotely controlled. The SC-1 Sociable Cart stores it’s energy inside a lithium-iron battery and makes use of a DC electric motor to reach it’s top speed of 20kp/h (12MPH). Sony and Yamaha are launching the vehicle in enclosed environments like theme parks, golf course, and other commercial facilities.

Image: Sony

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