Subaru BRZ: Automotive Excellence Awards – Lite

Date:13 January 2013 Tags:, ,

It’s been one of the hottest subjects in high-performance conversation: the collaboration between Subaru and Toyota that has produced a sports car with what seems to be universal appeal. Unsurprisingly, our US colleagues voted the Subaru BRZ the winner of the “Fun To Drive” category in their annual Automotive Excellence Awards. Most of the vehicles they picked are not available in South Africa but the BRZ, fortunately, is. Here’s their take on the spiffy Subaru.

“A curious thing happens after you drive the Subaru BRZ: you can’t stop thinking about driving it again. When rumours first started swirling that Subaru and Toyota were working together on an affordable rwd sport coupe, the anticipation was immediate. And to everyone’s delight, the BRZ exceeded all expectations.

Largely engineered by Subaru and styled by Toyota, the BRZ and its sister car, the Toyota 86 share some suspension components with the Subaru Impreza compact, but those bits were modified. The car is virtually all-new. So is the engine, a Subaru 2-litre flat-four that musters 147 kW and 203 N.m. That might not sound like enough oomph for a sports car, but slide behind the BRZ’s wheel, down into the bolstered seats, and push the pedal. Within a few kilometres, you’ll realise that this is the perfect amount of power to match the car’s talents and dainty 1 254-kg kerb weight.

The BRZ handles like it’s your personal road therapist, intuiting your every thought while supplying plenty of feedback along the way. The gearbox and transmission operate with the precision of a Swiss watch, and that fat steering wheel is just what your hands want.

Cost-cutting measures have been taken, but the car doesn’t feel cheap. Instead it feels light and toned like a bantamweight boxer, ready to take on whatever the road throws at it. For the price, more fun on four wheels doesn’t exist.”

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