Tesla launches its very own car wrapping service

Date:11 August 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Most vehicles sold today ship in very basic colours. Tesla’s, for example, are usually sold in 5 different colours: black, white, silver, blue and red. The reason for this is because these basic colours are generally accepted by the everyday motorist and makes it easier for owners to resell their vehicles.

Unfortunately, this means many of the Tesla’s you see today look exactly the same to one another, with drivers having little to no room to express themselves visually. This is all about to change thanks to Tesla’s newly launched car wrapping service.

The ability to wrap a car is nothing new. It simply involves placing a custom vinyl film over your car to quickly and easily change its colour, and in some cases, adds a pattern.

A benefit of wrapping your vehicle is the fact that it doesn’t involve having to re-spray the entire vehicle, so you will still have the cars original spray job underneath the wrap. This means that if you decide to sell the car in the future, you can just remove the wrapping and your car will be back to its original colour.

Tesla owners have been using this method to customize their vehicles for a while now through third-party services. Now, instead of having to go to a third-party, Tesla owners can wrap their vehicles directly through Tesla, according to Uber Gizmo.

Unfortunately, the service is only being offered at Tesla dealerships in China. However, seeing that there is a huge interest in vinyl wrapping from motorists worldwide, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the service being offered in other countries that they operate in.

Image credit: Twitter/@ray4tesla

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