• Tesla Model Y roof flies off into the wind on California highway

    Date:6 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    A man by the name of Nathaniel Galicia Chien was enjoying an afternoon drive in his brand new Tesla Model Y when he noticed the cabin of the vehicle was letting in quite a lot of wind noise. Moments later, the entire roof of Model Y was blissfully bouncing around on the road behind him, instead of being attached to his car.

    According to reports from the Verge, Chien and his parents had gone to pick up the brand new vehicle from the Tesla dealership in Dublin, California hours before the incident occurred, and there were already warning signs at the dealership. Chien and his parents immediately noticed a few “fit and finish” problems, including spacing issues and unevenness in the gaps. Despite these issues, they certainly didn’t think they would affect the huge panoramic glass roof on the Model Y, and certainly not hours after they purchased the car.

    “I thought a window was open,” Chien recalled in an email to The Verge, “but half a minute later the entire glass top of the roof just flew off in the wind.”

    Thankfully no one was injured during the incident, with Chien immediately notifying the California Highway Patrol to let them know a stray panoramic glass roof is on the loose.

    As you would expect, Chien and his parents immediately drove their new convertible Tesla back to the dealership, where service representatives reportedly told him “either the seal on the roof was faulty, or they somehow just forgot to seal the roof on entirely.” Like any good business Tesla did offer to service the vehicle free of charge and offered him a rental, but the family understandably declined the offer.

    “Luckily, I don’t think anyone was hurt, and it’s easy to laugh about it in hindsight, but this could be a serious problem if it happens again.” he said to the Verge.

    Chien quickly took to twitter to share his experience, take a look at the video below


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