Tesla provides an update that increases the range for Model Y EVs

Date:19 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Tesla has provided an update to its range of Model Y crossovers that will see an increase in the electric vehicles over all range, according to reports from Electrek.

The new 2020.40.7 software update come after Tesla had increased the range of almost all of its new vehicles in its lineup thanks to efficiency improvements. According to a screenshot taken after the update went live, “Your car’s range has increased with new software that improves the efficiency of the motors and the climate control systems.”

The screenshot of the update also goes on to state that the changes made do not impact acceleration or overall climate control performance. The exact range improvements have not been made clear by Tesla, but a Tesla Model Y driver who often completes long range drives confirmed to Electrek that his mileage had increased the overall range to around 523 kilometres.

This is not the first times Tesla has improved the mileage of its EV’s through software updates. In 2019 the company added an additional 24 kilometres of range to its Model 3 vehicles.

Picture: Tesla

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