The Kyalami 9 Hour returns

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The Kyalami 9 Hour is back, after 37 years the event will be returning to the famous track in November, featuring top drivers from South Africa and overseas.

The race was last staged in 1982 as part of the FIA World Sportscar Championship, but now two of the county’s most successful racing formulas – the Falken Polo Cup and Motomart VW Challenge – will combine at the three-day event from November 21 to November 23. This is the single largest international event hosted in the region and is expected to draw a crowd of 120,000 spectators. 

With a reputation as two of South Africa’s most competitive and exciting racing series, they will combine for two thrilling races – one late on Friday afternoon and the second on Saturday morning ahead of the 9 Hour start. 

“We are excited to bring these series to Kyalami as the support event to the 9 Hour. By then both 2019 championships will have concluded and we expect 45 of our best drivers to line-up on the starting grid,” said Mike Rowe, head of Volkswagen Motorsport, “South African competitors love racing at Kyalami and this event gives them an opportunity to do so. It also allows us to showcase the level of our race cars and drivers to an international audience.”

Spectators will also see the Soweto Drift 60 minute Challenge. In support of the Soweto Drift Academy, six of South Africa’s finest car spinners push the famous BMW 325i (known as the “Gusheshe”) to its limits. Crowd favourites Kayla, Eddie Boy, Veejaro, Mosotho, King Katra and Shanstone/WothiMalume will perform roll backs, tyre bouncing, side-to-sides and the target slide with the most daring spinner walking away with R10 000.

The event will also honour Kyalami’s history, classic and rare cars from the ‘60s and ‘70s, including Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz and BMW, will be on display and take part in a circuit parade.

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