Toyota to release driverless vehicles for 2020 Olympics

Date:10 October 2019 Tags:,

Toyota will supply up to twenty Tokyo 2020 version e-Palette vehicles to drive athletes around in the Olympic villages during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. These battery-electric, automated vehicles have been adapted specifically for the Games. 

“Olympic and Paralympic athletes work tirelessly to achieve the impossible, and we wanted to provide them with a vehicle specifically-designed and calibrated to fit their mobility needs during Tokyo 2020,” said Takahiro Muta, Development Leader for the unique version of the e-Palette for Tokyo 2020.

The Tokyo 2020 version has been adapted to meet the unique needs of the Olympic and Paralympic Village, featuring large doors and electric ramps to allow groups of athletes, including Para athletes, to board quickly and easily.

The vehicle will be controlled by an automated driving system capable of operating up to 20 kilometres per hour, supported by an on-board safety operator.

The e-Palette is equipped with a specially-designed automated driving system that includes control hardware, software, and advanced sensors such as cameras and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). Combined with high-accuracy 3D mapping and an operation management system, the e-Palette will operate at low-speeds with no human driver.

To avoid possible accidents, there safety operator will monitor the Palettes functions in case anything goes wrong. The vehicle will also constantly monitor it’s surroundings at a full 360-degree field of vision and operates at a speed appropriate and in accordance with the surrounding environment. 

Image: Toyota 

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