UK could ban the sale of fossil fuel cars by 2030

Date:16 November 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

In February of this year, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the sale of fossil fuel cars would be banned across the United Kingdom by 2035. Now, it appears as though Johnson is looking to bring that ban forward by five years to 2030.

Predictions from the BBC and Financial Times, both state that Boris Johnson will inevitably announce the ban on sales of fossil fuel cars come 2030. If he does indeed implement the ban, it would come a full decade sooner than he originally planned. The sale of hybrid vehicles will still be allowed until 2035, but petrol-powered vehicles will become a thing of the past in dealerships showrooms.

The decision would be made to help the UK reach its climate targets while also spurring on the electric car market. To help with the transition from petrol-powered vehicles to electric vehicles, the UK is reportedly willing to spend around £500 million on constructing EV charging infrastructure around the country, according to reports from Engadget.

The news hasn’t been well-received by automakers though, especially around the decision to also ban the sale of hybrid vehicles. Honda have argued that banning hybrids would be limiting for motorists. Toyota has also been less-than-pleased with the decision, saying it will ‘rethink its investments in the UK’ if the ban on hybrid vehicles is indeed implemented.

Picture: Pixabay

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