Volkswagen Economy Parts

Volkswagen Economy Parts
Date:1 June 2012 Tags:,

Keeping Old Faithful running

An older car may be cheaper to buy, but it isn’t necessarily cheaper to maintain. Given the fast pace of automotive evolution, “older” may refer to a vehicle that is only a few years old. Precisely the kind of vehicle, in fact, that VW South Africa is targeting with economy parts.

Billed as affordable parts for Volkswagen models older than five years, they are specifically designed for passenger and commercial VWs out of warranty. They’ve been available to customers in Germany and some other key markets for some time and this offering is now available to customers in South Africa.

Some of the parts use simpler design and some are made out of alternative materials, allowing them to be made cheaper. However, VW emphasises that they maintain and offer the company’s quality standards found in its full-price parts.

Currently offered as part of the Economy range are brake pads and discs, batteries, shock absorbers, CV joints, wiper blades and spark plugs.

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