• Volkswagen launch its latest all electric SUV the ID.4

    Date:25 September 2020

    Volkswagen introduced the world to its first fully electrically SUV during a live digital world premiere. The new EV, which has been named The ID.4 has been designed to generate zero local emissions and is produced with a carbon-neutral balance.


    The ID.4 is an all-round vehicle that can be driven in a sporty, yet comfortable way. The battery stores up to 77 kWh of energy and enables ranges of up to 520 km. It is installed below the passenger compartment which guarantees a low centre of gravity. The electric drive motor, positioned at the rear axle, generates 150 kW, enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds and deliver a top speed of 160 km/h.


    The ID.4 features a clear, flowing design that is inspired by nature and guarantees very good aerodynamics with a drag coefficient of 0.28. The vehicle also includes interactive IQ.Light LED matrix headlights that welcome drivers with swivelling lens modules and can generate an intelligently controlled main beam, while the large wheels with a diameter of up to 21 inches underline the vehicle’s unmistakable character.

    With a length of 4.58 metres, the ID.4 uses Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix (MEB) architecture to provide its occupants with more than enough room to spread their legs out on a long road trip. Depending on the rear seat backrest’s position, the luggage compartment boasts a capacity from 543 to 1,575 litres. The equipment range of the ID.4 includes an electrically driven boot lid, roof railing and a towing bracket.

    The E-SUV’s operating concept does not depend on physical buttons and switches. Instead, it is based on two displays, one of which diagonally measures up to 12 inches and features touch functionality – as well as “Hello ID.” natural voice control. Software and hardware in the ID.4 have been designed as part of a completely new architecture, making it possible for customers to download updates to the car after the purchase.


    Charging capabilities 

    Volkswagen is launching a complete package for convenient, connected and sustainable charging of electric cars under the name We Charge. This offers the ideal solution for any situation, whether you are at home, out and about or on a long journey. The ID.4 can be recharged with direct current to cover the next 320 km (as per WLTP, at 125 kW) at a DC quick-charging station in around 30 minutes.

    “The ID.4 is an emotional all-rounder which will impress many customers with its efficient electric drive, generous amount of space, modern assist systems and powerful design,” said Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen brand. “As the first global electric car, this model will roll out our modular electric drive matrix platform that has been developed specifically for electric mobility the world over. Volkswagen is thus once again demonstrating its leading role in innovation, technology and quality on the high-volume market.”

    Take a look at the global reveal of the VW ID.4 below:

    Image credit: Volkswagen


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