Volvo Air Motion

Volvo Air Motion
Date:1 January 2011

The scale model of a new Volvo concept car that went on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show underlines the Swedes’ inexplicable – but nonetheless welcome – rush to embrace, well, the thrill of driving. The Air Motion concept boasts an ultralight, racy clamshell-style carbon fibre body. Good start. But then there’s the green powertrain… compressed air motors. They may be on shaky ground here.

Volvo notes that the motor doesn’t need a conventional cooling system because the motors cool down rather than heat up – the drop in pressure leading to cooling. Fair enough, but they do gloss over the realities of trying to generate and store sufficient puff for practical use. They envisage “air replenishment sites” powered by air turbines floating 300 metres in the air, harnessing the power of the wind and convert it to electricity to provide the compression.

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