Volvo C30 Design Concept

Volvo C30 Design Concept
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A glimpse at what Volvo’s latest sporty compact model will look like at its unveiling in Paris in September 2006, the C30 Design Concept is a sporty two-door, four-seater with a glass tailgate. Its quirky looks are exhibited in two equally quirky colours: Quite White and Very Bronze. Cast your minds back to the Volvo Safety Concept Car, and you can see where the C30 is coming from.

“The exclusive glass tailgate is inspired both by the classic Volvo P1800 ES and the SCC concept car. The light pattern is so unusual that you’ll never be in any doubt of which car you have in front of you,” says Volvo Cars’ design director Steve Mattin.

The interior reinforces the car’s sporty character. Thanks to individual rear seats with generous legroom, it’s a full four-seater. The rear seats are slightly centred, creating a feeling of spaciousness for their occupants, as well as improving visibility to the front.

But, says Volvo, the C30 Concept was designed for a customer category that mostly uses the front seats only. The luggage space behind the glass tailgate is designed for everyday loads such as briefcases and sports equipment – with the ability to swallow far larger loads if one or both rear seats are folded flat. Measuring 424 cm front to rear, the Volvo C30 Design Concept is 23 cm shorter than the Volvo S40, but slightly wider.

Under the bonnet the C30 Design Concept has a 194 kW in-line five-cylinder 2,4-litre turbocharged engine. Maximum torque is 350 N.m between 2 100 and 5 000 r/min. Gearbox is a six-speed manual.

Performance: acceleration time from 0-100 km/h is quoted as 6 seconds, and top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h.


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