WATCH: Ferrari runs out of fuel in Cape Town, leaves people in stitches

Date:12 February 2022 Tags:, , , ,

A video has gone viral of a red Ferrari spotted on the side of the road in Cape Town. A man was captured attempting to pump fuel from a plastic bottle into the tank — a well-known tactic that anyone who’s ever had to walk to a petrol station seeking assistance can relate to.

What many users couldn’t relate to, however, was such a luxurious car undergoing such a ‘struggle’ moment.

However, as many Twitter users pointed out, this story wasn’t a matter of affordability necessarily, but rather an ‘I know my car’ moment overestimated (in terms of how far we ‘know’ our cars can run on a nearly empty tank).

At least we can take comfort in knowing that these moments really do happen to anybody, driving any kind of car.

The relatable rarri strikes Twitter’s running commentary:

Picture: Two Oceans Vibe | Screenshot from video

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