Water-powered trike does 0-257 km/h under 4 sec

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Rocket man François Gissy is at it again with water-powered trike that does 0 – 100 in half a second powered by nothing more than rainwater.

By Robert Sorokanich

Mad scientist François Gissy is at it again. The man who built the Ferrari-beating rocket-powered bicycle with a 333 km/h top speed has upgraded from two wheels to three. And he’s seriously upped the power.

Witness the outrageousness of a home-built trike. It does 0-100 km/h in just 0.55 seconds. On its way to a 260 km/h top speed in just 200 metres. The trike is powered, amazingly enough, by rainwater.

Watch the water-powered trike in action

“I live in France, third-world country of motorsports,” Gissy told Road & Track via email. “That’s why I am stuck with such cheap projects—they are not even close to one percent of what I would like to build”. With unlimited budget, Gissy says, he’d craft a supersonic rocket dragster. One that’s able to break the sound barrier in the quarter-mile. Sheesh.

But a lack of major sponsorship isn’t stopping him. Just look at the homebuilt trike he cobbled together. With a motorcycle front fork, go-kart rear wheels, and a carbon-fibre-wrapped aluminium tank holding 132 litres of rainwater under 6 000 psi of pressure.

When Gissy flips open the valve, that innocent, natural rainwater turns into the most forceful propellant we’ve ever seen strapped to the back of a trike.

Check it out

How’s it feel to rip to 60 mph in half a second? “Very safe and comfortable compared to the previous rocket bicycle,” Gissy tells R&T. Of course, that previous rocket bike did zero to 92 km/h in 4.8 seconds. So compared to that, just about anything will feel safe.

Here’s a longer, more in-depth look at Gissy’s water-powered blast, and a look at some of the testing that went into this outrageous run. François, we salute you.

Some more videos of the water-powered trike

Videos credit: François Gissy
From: Road & Track via PM USA

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