Netflix launches gift cards in South Africa

Date:5 November 2018 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:, ,

If you know me, then you know that I’m obsessed with Netflix.

Originally founded in 1997, Netflix has recently found worldwide success as the leading provider of streaming content – with a particular focus on original content. The company made history in 2013 by being the first company to win Emmys for an online-only show (House of Cards).

The company further solidified its dominance by winning an Oscar for Icarus earlier this year.

Beyond being just a great content streaming service, Netflix has gained a level of cultural significance – thanks to shows like Black Mirror, Stranger Things, House of Cards and Chef’s Table – that rivals many of the world’s favourite brands.

Still fairly new in South Africa, the company has been ramping up their content offerings, but still face the major drawbacks of high data costs and the reluctance that many South Africans have when they have to add a credit or debit card to an online account.

Just in time for you to compile your festive season wish lists, Netflix has solved the issue of payment cards with the nationwide launch of the most secure payment option for using the service – the Netflix Gift Card.

Already available on shelves, the team at Netflix have all the answers to ensure that everyone – Gift Card givers and receivers, existing Netflix subscribers and streaming newbies – know how to purchase, activate and enjoy this epic, super safe, stocking-stuffer.


What is it?

The Netflix Gift Card is a prepaid voucher which entitles the owner to stream Netflix to the value loaded on the card. Gift Cards can be loaded with between R150 to R1000 and they don’t expire.


For example, a gift card loaded with R200 will give you two months of Netflix streaming on the basic plan (1 device in SD); R139 will give you 1 month of Netflix streaming on the standard plan (2 devices in HD), and a gift card loaded with R169 will give you 1 month Netflix streaming on the premium plan (4 devices in HD or Ultra HD). You can create up to 5 profiles on each subscription, making this the perfect gift for a family too.


Who can use it?

Anyone with access to a compatible device for streaming (PC, tablet, mobile phone or console) can use a Netflix Gift Card – assuming they enjoy leading series, movies and documentaries, but who doesn’t?


Existing Netflix members can use the Gift Card to top up their Netflix account credit, while those who do not yet have an account can redeem their access credit by visiting and entering the pin code printed on the back of the card.


Entertainment fans who have not subscribed to Netflix because they don’t have – or don’t want to link – a credit card can also use Netflix Gift Cards as a long-term, secure payment method, topping up with a new Gift Card when their balance depletes. Netflix will always notify you when your Gift Card balance is low.


How does it work?

Netflix will deduct the appropriate amount depending on the plan you choose when redeeming your Gift Card.

Those who are eligible for a free trial will receive a free month of service in addition to the amount credited to the Gift Card. The balance of the Gift Card will only be used to pay for your selected plan after your free month trial expires.


What happens when the Gift Card credit runs out?

Your Netflix account will be cancelled once your Netflix Gift Card balance has been completely used up and you will no longer be able to stream. If you want to continue using the service, simply purchase another Gift Card or add an alternative payment method.


Where can you buy one?

Shoppers will be able to purchase Netflix Gift Cards from selected retailers including CNA; Pick n Pay; Checkers; Dis-Chem; HiFi Corp; Incredible Connection; Game; Dion Wired; Makro; Builders Warehouse; Game4U; AWX; Kloppers; and BT Games.


Win a R250 Netflix gift every week for the month of November. 


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